Monday, January 7, 2013

... monday bluess? ...

good morning my dearest human!!
well, every monday morning i felt like monday blues. i wonder why. last night i think i close my eyes at 11 o'clock but i wonder why i still sleepy and being bluess.
any idea what is wrong with me?
work? as usual. many. headache.
focus? haha! not.
love life? well. this morning i texted zj but he dont reply anything yet. from 8.30am until 11am. is this normal? because he usually call o texted me every morning.
just hope i got my bonus this year. and i can get engaged! yeayy!
oh! cuti panjang dari 24hb hingga 28hb. actually 25hb maybe i apply leave. if i want to go anywhere. i think so.
well. TTFN!
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