Saturday, November 19, 2011

... November ...

November is my buzy month!!!

seroisly it is my buzy month. full of things i had to do and done it before new year. well, like my wedding. oppss! not mine. its my friend. hihi~

actually i should having annual dinner at my company but with unknown reason the dinner is cancel. but nevermind. i dont have enough money to paid make up artist also. and also for hair. opps! free hair lerr.

and also my birthday is this month!! well i will having a birthday party with my niece. she is going to be one years already! and i hurmmm. can i secret it? make me little bit feel young for these day before i said that i'm already 20++..hahah! not realy ++ okay?

well, how is my english? i wish that i can do some essay in my next class. after my english class, i want take an Mandarin Class. hoping my mandarin is much better than before.

ohya, about my birthday party, i would like to invite you to come. sorry, i'm not celeb it at disko or social places. only at my house. much social when my aunt and uncle came and also few friends!

well, for me november is FASCINATING month!!! you know what because only this month i got present from people i love!!


okay, stop bubbling, now i need to take shower and i need to go movies. AKU BUKAN TOMBOY!

tata everybodies! love ya!

*i think my english is US english.damn!*

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