Thursday, March 14, 2013

... totally in EMO!!! ...

1st thing, i dont realize it my fault until i think about it properly.
thats mean im the stupid one.
another thing, ada kalanya kita betul dan ada kalanya salah. when happen to wrong, we should accept it. not becoming HULK. *u know what i mean*
human. life never get better if we always that that ourself is always right and never wrong.
1st, after woke up this morning, i felt "Alhamdulillah! i still alive." with a big big smile.
2nd suddenly, arguement with my dad.
his birthday this sunday. i want to make something valuable but when this kind argue happen. i fell like "DAMN!!"
*for me, damn =  siot tol*
and im talking with my boss also not in good mood. he always want me to follow his way. but not today!! im not in mood at all! so he has to follow my way.
well. whos the boss now?
*im really mean*
okay. i have to do my work. so many. and my desk so messy. i love it and hate it at the same time.
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