Friday, January 3, 2014

... sister in law to-be ...

bukan senangkan nak menjadi kakak ipar? how u do it?

dulukan aku pernah mencuba. tapi ditolak sebelum mendaki.

dibenci. dicaci.
hati siapa yang tak terluka?

jika awak awak sekalian pernah dibenci sebelum menjadi ipar. lepas anda kahwin baru mereka suka.  do u have any solution? please tell me. share with me. help me!

i like to throw the past. i wanna do it.
but it keep pulled me back. and i wonder why i so scared?
scared of what? im scared that i might be step at the wrong path. i dont wanna be an annoyed person to them.

sebab tuh laa ak kalo didepan mereka aku men-invisible-kan diri. not becoz im rude. it just i dont to disturb ur happiness.

sound like aku main game cam "u dont disturb me so i dont disturb yours"..others person will said "kalo mati nanti guling sendiri ye."

i wish i could. aku ada sifat dimana aku tengah belajar berdikari. ignore my own fiancee. ignore my parents and friends.

do u have any book about this problem? please let me know. i dont know how to tell what i feeling. susah nak explain. maybe orang yang pernah kena dgn aku mesti faham kan. just want someone who know my situation help me. so i dont need to tell about my feeling a lot. i feel so SEMAK!!

but i try to win their heart. i try.

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~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

"i try to win their heart"

x kenal maka x cinta.. ;)