Tuesday, January 21, 2014

... friendzone ...

Dulukan aku ada kawan lelaki. Kawan baik okay. And he is nice. Eh! Ni masa zaman form 1 and 2 lah. Then bile masuk form 3, he said 'i like you.' And i just run away. Im so scared. Becoz we were in high school. And i dont really like him but i want he to be my best buddy.
Itu satu.

After form 5, aku kawan baik dengan my ex bestfriend. And we become friends. I like him becoz dia baik sangat sangat. He is really a great guy. Anak orang berada. Apa ada pada rupa kan? Haha. Kalo tak silap 3 kali die luahkan hati but i reject him. But when i want to choose him as my husben. I feel like something wrong with my feeling. I dont know why.

That is why i choose some guy who is a stranger in my life. Yes. He is my stranger even he is my fiancee. Becoz we still not yet become husben and wife. Once the ijab kabul begin and all witnessess say "sah". then he is not my stranger anymore.

for me, he still my stranger becoz i dont know what is he favourite colour. is that so bad? or not?
i wanna to be like couple after marriage. holding hands. hugging. and kissing. haha! in islam, the best couple is after marriage. that is i wanna do. fall in love after marriage with a stranger. haha! but the stranger that i love.

i do love my stranger a.k.a my mr coffee. ^___^

my stranger is the best thing i ever have. for the moment. haha!

and i will never regret to choose him but i will regret to lose him.
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