Monday, September 30, 2013

... P.e.r.s.e.d.i.a.a.n ...


preparing my somethings about my wedding.

oh no! 6 months from now!


can someone CPR me? pheww~

okay. tonight and maybe tomorrow onwards, i have to prepare my things. All that i list it.

actually, all my list is mess up. I dont know what im doing.


okay. please help me to think something that i can make it done by 10% or 5%?

1st thing 1st:

~bunga teloq maybe dlm 600. -otw
~hand bouquet - otw
~ kad kwen - next year
~mak andam - check
~kameramen -confirm later
~signature book - thinking
~kain ela utk backdrop mini pelamin -next year
~baju nikah -this saturday htr ke tailor
~kasut kwen -mne nak beli?
~doorgift -still thinking
~baju sanding + flower gurl -searching

for the moment benda ini penting.

oh! pasti korg tertanya mana pelamin kan? hurmm~ my mum akan sediakan utk aku. hihi~

love u mum!!

okay. wat masa ini. ini saja. later i will check.


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~cAhAyA kEmUL!aAn~ said...

maria elena pkai kasut vincci je..hehe