Tuesday, June 18, 2013

... give and take ...

life is about choices.

yes. we have to make a choice for our own life.
if we cannot make a choice or doubt with our choice.
we can seek it from Allah. He always help His people.
but must never doubt. must always believe Him. 100%

when i make a choice of something, means i have to ready with my future.

apa yang akan terjadi di masa hadapan.
hadapi dugaan yang datang.
dan tidak sesekali ragu pada Allah.

I wish i strong enough.
aku takut.
kalau itu kalau ini kalau itu kalau ini.

dan aku tahu tak baik cakap kalau. itu semua tusukan setan.

bermakna aku ragu pada Allah.

what He give and i have to take.
and trust Him.
never doubt.

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