Tuesday, April 2, 2013

... stupid or not ...

i was thinking lately. About myself. about others. all things that i can see and think.
i realize that sometimes we cannot DIY. and we can ask a friend to help.
then we realize that we dont want to. Why?
i dont know.
i give the answer.
because we stupid or egois?
head up.
no matter how worse the friend just because they hurt us. it doesnt mean that we can throw shit to their face.
isn't that is rude?
i dont know how to say. life is hard. yess i know but cant we make it simple? like some of my friend said, just follow the flow.
example, the love life.
we like someone but the someone like other person. and you cannot hate the person because you love the person. but you can hate your friend?
just because your friend cheat on you doesnt mean it the WORST feeling ever.
how about the player, play with your heart. when player want you they come and said, Baby, im sorry. then take the advantage in your life.
and suddenly, they gone. just gone.
but when they come back, you can accept them just like that??
sound stupid?
thats sound MORON!!!!
oke. nk g makan. bye!

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