Friday, January 4, 2013

... stress with my work ...

totally YESS!! double YESS! triple YESS!
my bos such an harsh. he try to be a faster. number one. no matter what. he want to be a winner.
i'm no complaning about this all. it about my posible if i can do and dont.
sekurang-kurangnya dia ada cuti seminggu dan aku half day saja boleh??!!!
not fair right?
its okay. its fine. i will revenge with my wedding later.
oh! semalam aku tengok muvies. "Awkward" totally romantic and best! TOTALLY!!!!
its okay. i'll get use to it. well work is actually fun. right? fun but serious. i guess.
kalau kerja sini asyik mengumpat manager aje. cehh!! boring betul.

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