Monday, January 7, 2013

... my life is not a fairy tales ...

> fairy tales <

i suppose my life is not like fairy tales which i keep dreaming of it.

fairy tales life is so perfect. especially their love story. i suppose mine not like it.

when i was a girl, i used to be dreaming a boy who love me because of me. then when i got it, i suppose im the lucky girl. but am i?

aku cepat putus asa bila bab cinta. aku tak pernah nak usaha untuk memperbaiki kisah cinta aku. aku biarkan. biarkan ia flow. just flow where the love wanna be end.

do i need to do something? i dont know. anything?

or just seat back and relax. maybe?

i guess love is not easy as you see. we have to do something. i mean. me. me?

no. i dont want to do anything. i just want to wait for my prince charming. yeay! i suppose to!
yeay! i want to! hell yeay! i will do like that!!

but, do i get married later? oh crap!!