Friday, May 21, 2010 small angry..

just because of my hand phone..I will mad with anyone who make a stupid, dumb joke..

when I sad,
please persuade me..

when I'm angry,
please hear what I try to say..

when I'm happy,
please do not make me cry..

when I'm quiet,
please leave me alone..

when I'm angry with you,
please do not talk with me in 3 days..

when I'm serious about 1 thing,
please do not make a fool joke..

when I say I hate you,
Its means I don't want to see you in my life..

when I say I love you,
means I need you in my life..

when I need someone,
please be there for me..

life is unpredictable..
life is subjective..
if you want better future..
move to the bright light..
if you want to be a loser..
step to a dark path..
simple but need to think wisely..

sometimes...what I just said or talk about it when I'm sad or mad...all I'm saying is be patient..if I mad at you and you don't involve of anything wrong..please ignore what had i the way..when I'm serious,please DO NOT make a stupid joke...cause it will make you look like a fool..and I will say that you look stupid..well..sorry to said that..but its true..



alinac lover said...

nana lawa blog..
guna web apa??
meh ajar..plisss~

☻UsaGi NaNa☻ said...

deluxe theme...akak kne download..pastuh akk open file tuh..pastuh akk copy xmtl die la...then paste..senang je..nana pon kwn ajr..