Wednesday, May 26, 2010

..I hate you..

I hate you..
 when i look into your eyes,
you make me hypnotized.

I hate you..
cause when you kiss me..
you make me forget all your fault..

I hate you..
 when you hold my hand,
you give me a spirit to be strong..

I hate you..
 when you hug me,
you make me afraid to loss you..

I hate you..
when you look inside my eyes,
I cannot lie to you..

I hate you..
when you always by my side,
you make me feel happy..

I hate you..
when I'm crying,
you always calm me..

I hate you..
when you touch my hair,
you make me feel I'm pretty.

I hate you..
when you stare my faces,
you make me shy..

All this time I hate you..
but deep inside my heart,
I always love you..
and hope some day,
I'm yours..

litte fantasy from little usagi..
note: I miss you..



NOOR FATIN said...

hate me x? hi3

☻UsaGi NaNa☻ said...

of course la x...haahah~~huhuhu~~~