Thursday, May 20, 2010

..14 sign of gurl falling LOVE..

  1. you read his texts over and over again.
  2. you walk really slow with him..
  3. you feel shy where ever you are with him..
  4. when you see them you smile..
  5. when you think about them..your heart beat faster and faster..
  6. you smile when you hear his voice....

  7. when you see feel like he is the only one in your world and no one else is there.
  8. when your listen to slow songs you think about him~......
  9. he becomes everything you think about..

  10. people start to say that you fancy him..but say "you don't" but then after you think by yourself "do I really fancy him"
  11. you would do anything for him..
  12. you look his name on your phone and you feel like you want to talk to them but when its ringing you hang up..
  13. you start to think you really love him..and try and imagine you telling him you love him and try to ringing him to tell but then you go all shy..
  14. while reading this..there was one person in your mind..and that person who was on your mind is the person who you truly love..
p/s:: tell the person you love that you love them before its too late.. & if you love that person...dont ever say "I'm dun gonna tell him coz he won't not love me back"...coz you never know what the person is thinking..

he could LOVE you or NOT love you..remember love is a risk~.....a risk everyone takes in their life..


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